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Benny Goldfarb Private “I”, detective novel available on

Book Review Excerpt:

”This story has all the elements you look for in a satisfying detective yarn-suspense, a dab of romance, danger, escape, strategy, and of course, mystery. I thoroughly enjoyed this light reading. I wanted to read it in one sitting, but I did have to go to work and take care of other such details.”

Amazon Review by Mary E. Reyna

We’re All Nuts!, a children’s book available on

Book Review Excerpt:

”We’re all nuts is a cute and humorous book about a nut’s journey in discovering the importance of being oneself and accepting where one comes from. This story may have been written for a child, but the lesson is important for all ages. This book gives the reader the lesson to know each person has a special gift to offer others in this world and the importance of self, regardless of where one comes from.”

Review, We’re All Nuts! by Howard Feigenbaum
Larsen, S. (2008). Book Review. In The Therapist (Issue 2, Vol.20). San Diego: California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Book Review Excerpt:

”With photos by the author, this tale provides kids with a lesson in cultural identity: Goober learns that he’s a legume but still longs to be a nut. Children of elementary school age will learn a little about how peanuts are harvested, packaged and shipped to market, in addition to the messages of self-acceptance and friendship.”

Book Review, We’re All Nuts! by Howard Feigenbaum
Muscular Dystrophy Association, (2007, September). Quest Magazine. Retrieved from Muscular Dystrophy Association website.


I Wish I Were A Soul Train Dancer, a poetry collection available on


Dry-Docked, a poem from the published poetry collection, I Wish I Were A Soul Train Dancer was awarded first place for poetry in the 2012 Diamond Valley Festival of the Arts






photograph "designated smoking area" by Howard Feigenbaum

designated smoking area

• Diamond Valley Arts Council, Festival of the Arts, 2007, Finalist

• Santa Rosa Plateau Art Show, July through September, 2007

• Temecula Valley Art League



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