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Benny Goldfarb, Private "I"

Benny Goldfarb, Private “I” is a fiction detective novel filled with mystery, action, romance, adventure, tenderness, and laughter.

This mystery novel starts out in a Los Angeles car wash, then swiftly leads readers on a wild and amazing adventure of romance, intrigue, and discovery through urban and rural terrain in Colombia. In this delightfully-paced fiction novel, we are introduced to gumshoe, Benny Goldfarb, Private “I”, a man of principal, courage, and belief, with an unusual (and highly creative) set of problem-solving skills.

This is a must-read for fans of action, adventure, or romance mysteries. Benny Goldfarb, Private “I” is also a great selection for those looking for a highly engaging mystery that takes place in Colombia, or those seeking an interesting new Jewish detective main character.

It is available on Amazon as a paperback or download.

Home Stretch

Home Stretch is the 2nd fiction detective novel in the Benny Goldfarb, Private “I” series.

An Argentine racing syndicate uses four horses as collateral for a loan. When the loan defaults, the bank discovers that the horses’ identities have been forged. Benny Goldfarb, Private “I” travels to Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay to unravel the fraud. The tri-border area is a haven for criminal gangs and terrorists. They stand between Benny and his client’s money. Benny’s love interest, Rosa Zuleca, comes to terms with her newly-discovered family history–Sephardic Jews who left Spain for South America to escape the Inquisition.

Home Stretch is available on Amazon as a paperback or download.


We’re All Nuts! is a children’s book about identity and forming values. Goober, a young peanut, learns that he really isn’t a nut. This story is about how he deals with his idea of who is is–and who he wants to be. Are happiness and self-acceptance connected?

It is available on Amazon as a hard cover edition or paperback.


I Wish I Were A Soul Train Dancer is a collection of poetry of thoughts and feelings often left unspoken.

It is available on Amazon as a download.


Author Howard Feigenbaum is currently writing the 3rd installment to his Benny Goldfarb Private “I” detective fiction series, ‘Hot Zone’,  in which he will treat readers to an exciting new Central American adventure with detective Benny Goldfarb Private “I”.

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