Howard Feigenbaum

Author / Artist

Jewish detective mysteries


Detective Novel Benny Goldfarb Private "I"

Benny Goldfarb, Private “I”

Benny Goldfarb Private “I” is the first installment in the Benny Goldfarb Private “I” detective series. This detective mystery novel is our introduction to Benny Goldfarb, Private “I”, in which the reader is led on a wild and amazing adventure, beginning in a car wash in Los Angeles. Our star detective uses his wit, ingenuity, skill, and moral compass to solve his crime. His Jewish tradition and values help define who he is and how he behaves.

Howard Feigenbaum’s Benny Goldfarb, Private “I” is a strong, new offering to the genre of Jewish detective mysteries. But, as many readers already know, you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this great new mystery novel.

Private Eye Series - Next Installment On The Way

Benny Goldfarb, Private “I” will continue to thrill readers with his fine investigative skills and unique personality. Readers of Jewish detective fiction, and lovers of good, old-fashioned, action-packed detective series alike, will be intrigued as Benny Goldfarb, Private “I” leads his fans into a brand new adventure in a completely new setting.

Release of the next highly anticipated installment is to be announced. Stay tuned!